about me [in snippets]

  • It is a truth universally acknowledged that I am helpless when it comes to books.
  • I love being in, on and around water and my dream is living by the sea sometime. Even if it’s only for a short while and it means that I’m absolutely broke afterwards. 😉
  • In this blog, I’ll try to write about English books in English und über Bücher, die ich in deutscher Sprache lese, schreibe ich auch in Deutsch.
  • I don’t eat any meat and „Yes, dad! That also excludes shrimps!“
  • My favourite vegetable is spinach, I might eat a sole of a shoe if spinach is served with it.
  • I lived in Dublin for eight months where I studied at Trinitiy College (unfortunately that didn’t help with my English skills). Oscar Wilde had also been a student there. One evening Merlin Holland, his grandson, read from his book „The Wilde Album“. I could’t believe (can’t yet) I was in a room with OSCAR WILDE’S GRANDSON!
  • One of my favourite books is Owen Meany. My husband has a different opinion on this one which I don’t care to publish here. Can’t really understand him, especially as I compelled him to read it one more time, AGAIN. Just for his own good, of course.

Ich freue mich sehr über eure Gedanken und euer Feedback! :)

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