Children’s Classics in January

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Amanda from Simpler Pastimes came up with a lovely idea to celebrate the new year’s reading start with a Classic Children’s Literature Challenge! Boy, I am so in! (thanks to Amanda who told me that it was not too late to join)

I remember dozens of stories from my childhood days that I would love to revisit, so it’s gonna get tough for me to decide which ones to chose.

SchneeköniginWithout any doubt the first story will be Die Schneekönigin (engl. The Snow Queen) by Hans Christian Andersen. When I was a child I worshipped this story although it is rather sad. I was enchanted by the wintry atmosphere and I feverishly felt with the two friends Kay and Gerda who were separated by the Snow Queen.

wassermannAfter Die Schneekönigin I’ll probably read Der kleine Wassermann (engl. The Little Water-Sprite) by Otfried Preußler again. It’s a hard choice between this one and Die kleine Hexe (engl. The Little Witch) or Das kleine Gespenst (engl. The Little Ghost). Luckily one of them doesn’t meet the challenge rules as it was published after 1960, so I picked the first one published and that was Der kleine Wassermann.

New Year can come now! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Children’s Classics in January

    • It is! I know what you mean with „can’t wait to begin“ … I was at the library yesterday and I could hardly restrain myself from checking out five different versions of The Snow Queen ;).
      Do you already know which stories you are going to read? We really treated ourselves, didn’t we???

      • That’s nice…you’re going to read Frances Hodgson Burnett’s „A Little Princess“ and I just finished watching „Little Lord Fauntleroy“ on TV (screened every year around Christmas).

  1. I’m glad so many people are liking this idea! It’s been a long time since I’ve read any Anderson, so I can’t remember if I’ve ever read The Snow Queen or not, although the title sounds familiar. I’ve never heard of Otfried Preußler, but that’s one thing I’m hoping will come out of this event: that we learn about new books and authors we weren’t familiar with before. Looking forward to January, too!

    • amanda, your idea is lovely! And it’s the perfect time now, too. The ending of this year, the beginning of a new one, cold (and hopefully snowy) winter days…there’s no better time to read children’s books and fairytales. Otfried Preußler is very famous here for his children’s literature, I discovered that there is an English translation at least for Der kleine Wassermann called The Little Water-Sprite. I am very curious about your choices, looking forward to learn more about them!

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