Thriller Craving: Never Look Away – Linwood Barclay

After finishing my last book I longed for a nice gripping thriller with interesting characters and a good story which would make me refrain from putting it down until I reached the last page. Never Look Away fitted most features of this specification. Plus, it wasn’t as violent as many thrillers nowadays use to be which is a thing I really can’t stand. I don’t have to get picturesque descriptions of vital organs being ripped out of someone’s body, my fantasy usually is vivid enough to bring to life a more restraint description.

Back to the book then: One of the worst nightmares parents possibly can go through is the disappearance of ones child. Exactly what happens to David and Jan Harwood. What is supposed to be a weekend’s pleasure trip to a rollercoaster park with their four year old son Ethan turns into a feverish search for him when suddenly the stroller with Ethan in it is missing. For a more effective search the adults split up and agree to stay in contact via their mobiles.

David eventually finds his son in the abandoned buggy somewhere in the park, a man running away from it, only to notice that now, his wife is gone, too. The police is called and a search for the missing woman is conducted. After a while, though, Barry Duckworth, detective in charge, seems to get the idea that David is involved in his wife’s disappearance and suddenly evidence comes up to support that point of view. Before he realizes it, David is no longer the husband worrying about his vanished wife but the suspect of a murder case without a dead body.

With thrillers and me, most of the time it is the same. In the moment of reading, I am hooked and entertained and don’t want to stop. When I am through the book, however, I know that it will not stay on my mind for a very long time. There are only few exceptions where the characters or the story have a deeper impact on me and stay with me after the end of a book. Usually, I find that much more in classical crime stories but sometimes even in thrillers. Never Look Away has a good story, the main characters are endowed with enough depth to be interesting (perhaps the detective could have been somewhat stronger a character to fit the role of the antagonist). The plot provides some nice twists which a thriller should have, although experienced readers of this genre might have guessed where the story was heading. All in all I am afraid that the book for me falls in the first category, it won’t stay. I don’t regret to have read it, though. And – positive thing – the craving has gone. 😀


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