forced entertainment

A few weeks ago I have been to a theatre performance in Essen with a friend of mine who invited me to come along. She did an internship in a free theatre in Düsseldorf FFT and still keeps up with the news about interesting new plays. The location where the play was given was pact ZOLLVEREIN which is very impressive and, as you can anticipate by the picture below, has the panoramic view and charm of a former mining factory in the area of the Ruhr region. By clicking on this link you will be able to see more pictures of this beautiful theatre.

pact Zollverein, photo © Dirk Rose

The play was given by forced entertainment, a british company based in Sheffield. According to my friend, they had been in Germany with two former performances one of them she particurlarly liked. The play we saw was The Coming Storm and it was a world premiere. Mainly The Coming Storm is about narration, about the creation of a story and at the same time about its deconstruction. There were six actors on the stage, three men and three women, and they began by telling a story. At some point the next actor grabbed the microphone from his colleague and he himself started a story. By and by the different narrations intertwined so for the audience it became more and more difficult to keep the different threads of the stories apart.

I liked this theme of the play very much as I am ever interested in narration and the concept of inventing and delivering stories. Normally I experience this in books but to be confronted with the topic put onto stage was fantastic and most inspiring for me. Sometimes it was also strenuous to keep up with the pace of the actors but it was worth each second to at least try to. I had a wonderful evening and therefore I would like to say thank you again to my friend D. *consider yourself profoundly hugged*.

Here is some well-deserved praise for the company:

Forced Entertainment has been pulling the rug from under theatregoers‘ feet for 20 years…they’re not about to stop confounding conventions or exploding audience expectations.
The Times

What is refreshing about Forced Entertainment is that, even after all this time, it is playing with theatre…searching for metaphors.
New Statesman

Fearless purveyors of the best in radical theatre an urban mythologies.
The Guardian


Ich freue mich sehr über eure Gedanken und euer Feedback! :)

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