[3 Questions] Song of the Sound – Adam Armstrong

Dusky Sound – New Zealand
Foto: Janot Gérard

1. What is it about?

Basically, it’s about New Zealand and more exactly it’s about the sea. Scientist Libby Bass‘ new job is to prove the existence of a presumably resident pod of dolphins in the south of Dusky Sound. If she succeeds, a nature threatening project which wants to install floating hotels in the area could probably be stopped. Libby brings her daughter Bree, 12 years old, who is used to move wherever her mother finds work. First, though, Bree isn’t too excited to leave France where she eventually found herself some friends but in the end it looks like both of them, she and her mother, might find a new home…

2. Why did you pick up the book?

I picked up the book in my local library, first of all because it is about the sea. I genuinely love water and especially the oceans. Therefore I really enjoy books about this topic. When I read the first pages in the library it didn’t sound that bad so I checked it out and took it back home.

3. How did you like it?

Actually, I liked the book very much. As it is written in the superscription above the title, there is a love story in the novel but this is told only in the margins. The primary subject, however, is the nature reserve around Fiordland/New Zealand. The book is very scientific in a sort of way and I have learned a lot about the ecology and the balance of the eco system of the oceans. When you look at pictures of the area around Dusky Sound it is so beautiful there, I could drive instantly to the airport, overcome my ridiculous fear of flying and head directly for New Zealand. At least that would be the case if I wouldn’t have learned by now that the best thing you could do for this paradise is to leave it alone! So I have to content myself with these gorgeous pictures here. Look and enjoy!


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