The brightest star in the sky – Marian Keyes

This novel has possibly been labelled as „womens literature“ or worse as „chick lit“ (Eeeks – What an akward category!). But as I don’t like any predefined labels I rather find out myself. The brightest star in the sky is a narration about the inhabitants of 66 Star Street in Dublin. Having been a resident of Dublin for a few months myself, I am always a little bit smitten with novels about this city. Clearly the first bonus point for the novel.

The style of narration is coherent, interesting and lively with some surprising elements. Each of the characters is sketched with enough depth to make you believe such a person might really exist. Often, in novels you will find that out of six characters in a book you like say three persons but the rest you simply can’t stand. Here, I found myself experiencing interest in all of the persons from the beginning on. Personnel seems to be well researched and working for a novel. Second point.

The book holds back on you for three quaters and just in the last 100 pages or so reveals the entire stories of all persons. So you get one further point for „suspension level“.

All in all I found the book entertaining though not overly rich in regard to literary aspects. But in that way it was exactly what I was looking for at the time I picked it up. The acclaim on the cover says:

„The perfect book to cosy up with“

I cosied up with it on my couch and read the book in nearly one sitting. So, it held what it promised. What else can I ask for?


Ich freue mich sehr über eure Gedanken und euer Feedback! :)

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